Aaron Rice announces plans to tag 3-million feet in 2018

Aaron Rice tags feet and logs miles. [Photo] Courtesy Emily Kneeter

In 2016, Aaron Rice skinned and skied a record 2.5-million vertical feet in the calendar year. Now, the Wasatch-based skier has announced a new goal for 2018—over the 365 days beginning on January 1, he plans to tag three-million feet.

“I’ve kind of got a thing for feet,” Rice said. “Whether they’re vertical feet, horizontal, with bone spurs or without, it doesn’t really matter. If I combine that with my burgeoning interest in graffiti and tattoo artistry, I think tagging three million of them in a single year will be totally possible.”

It’s unclear if there’s a current record for tagging feet, and Rice hasn’t specified if he’ll work exclusively on human feet or if he’ll branch out to other members of the animal kingdom.

Greg Hill, whose two-million vertical-foot record Rice toppled in 2016, was unsure of the skier’s goal. “I don’t really know anything about tattooing feet,” Hill said. “Is this some kind of joke?”

Don't take skiing, riding or even this story too seriously.

Don’t take skiing, riding or even this story too seriously.

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