From the Ashes: Sun Valley Trekking’s Coyote Yurts Rise Up

“The two yurts, they got completely nuked,” Sun Valley Trekking Co-owner Joe St. Onge says about their Smoky Mountain Coyote Yurts, which were burned in Idaho’s Beaver Creek Wildfire over the summer. But the yurts have been resurrected. “I headed straight there after the Teton season wound down and spent the last two weeks with Joe and his crew rebuilding Coyote,” says guide Jesse Williams. “It’s a classic crisis/opportunity: the ‘burn skiing’ in those charred forests is really going to be off the hook.”

Read more about the Beaver Creek Wildfire and the Coyote Yurt resurrection in the November issue of Backcountry. To see more photos of the new Coyote Yurts, visit


Sun Valley Trekking’s new Coyote Yurts. [Photo] Jesse Williams


Joe St. Onge in one of his new yurt. [Photo] Jesse Williams


St. Onge enjoys the fruits of his labor. [Photo] Jesse Williams


Coyote Yurts, open for business with winter on its way. [Photo] Jesse Williams


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  1. Gregg hedin says:

    Hell yeah! Sun valley Trekking….best hut/yurt system in North america!

  2. Those are ‘gers’ not ‘yurts’. ‘yurts’ have rounded corners where the roofline meets the walls.

  3. Yeah! CongratulatiONs, SVT, on the quick turn-around! Can’t wait to check out the new yurt and Ski some laps out there!

  4. Getting ready for a winter of skiing new 2000′ lines out of Coyote Yurt. Heck yea sun valley trekking!

  5. Big ups S Svt! Can’t wait to ski the new terrain!

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