Backcountry Access Updates Software for Tracker 2 Transceiver

On June 29, Backcountry Access (BCA) announced a software update for their popular Tracker 2 transceiver. Prior to the update, the Tracker2 switched to power-saving mode after 12 hours without user input; this update is designed to improve that power-saving mode functionality.

BCA achieves this in two ways: Firstly, they increase the pulse-width length, or the amount of time for each beep. They also slightly decreased the two-minute pulse period, or the time between each beep. The result is a power-saving mode that meets the ETSI International Standard, which calls for interoperability (ability for information exchange) across all avalanche transceivers. Without the update the Tracker2 can vary slightly from international standards while in power-saving mode.

BCA notes that this update is neither a recall nor mandated by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. The voluntary action seeks to address the rare chance that a Tracker2 user would mistakenly leave their transceiver on and, without checking it, head into the backcountry and run the risk of another transceiver being unable to detect the Tracker2 in power-saving mode. With proper use of the Tracker2 according to the transceiver’s instructions, BCA says, this problem is eliminated. 

To update your Tracker2, submit the Tracker2 Update Form. Upon submitting the form, an authorized BCA location will contact you with further shipping directions. Your Tracker2 will be returned in 10 to 14 business days.

Find information on BCA’s Tracker2 software update here.

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