Cover Story: Trevor Petersen

In our 20th Anniversary Issue, we speak with editors, art directors, photo editors and contributing photographers past and present about their favorite covers from our first 100 issues. Here’s an excerpt from the conversations with Technical Editor Lance Riek.

“With just a few minutes digging in the basement, I unearthed a box of old BC Mags. I laid out the covers with the old design on my dining room table and was surprised to see that I was only missing three. They brought back lots of old, good memories (Backcountry started just a couple years after I started backcountry skiing, and my first article was in Issue 8). Some of the shots are funny, some just bad. Some have that super-staged look, where all I can think is, “What the hell were the shooter and skier and editor thinking?” One cover did jump out at me as a favorite, not for its dated, instant-in-time look, but for its timelessness: Issue 10. Powder, sun, skier, gravity, mountains. It’s all there in a clean, elegant, classic portrayal. It could be capturing a skier from the 1940s or 2015, no difference. And, the title and text don’t detract from the simplicity.” —Lance Riek


January 1997 // Skier: Trevor Petersen // Location: Valle Terces, France // Photo: Scott Markewitz

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