The Elegant Path: Behind the Backstory

To illustrate our monthly reader-submitted essay, “Backstory,” we send the selected story off to any number of freelance artists not fully knowing what we’ll get. “The piece was very esoteric,” contributing illustrator Jamie Givens writes on his Studio Peril blog about Todd Krankkala’s January 2014 essay. “[It] described the author’s feeling of flow as he moved through the trees, finding the path of least resistance, all stresses leaving his body as his mind became centered.”

So Givens teamed up with friend and photographer Fred Bohm of Freed Motion to create a light painting that would capture that feeling. One 3D paper forest later, here’s what they got. Read the full story of how Givens and Bohm created the artwork, here.

The Elegant Path [Artwork] Jamie Givens and Fred Bohm

The Elegant Path [Artwork] Jamie Givens and Fred Bohm

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