The Family Issue: Introducing the Yanceys in a documentary by Three Peaks Media

For the November Issue of Backcountry Magazine, we’re highlighting the most influential spouses, siblings, parents and kids in the sport, focusing on more than 30 families who enrich the backcountry community with their love for each other and the outdoors.

Recently, Three Peaks Media released Powder Raised, a documentary about the Yanceys, one of the featured families, who live normal lives in Sand Point, Idaho in the summer but escape to the Purcell Mountains in British Columbia every winter.

Tucked away in their family-owned Boulder Hut, parents Mark and Sarah act as guides and hut stewards—as well as teachers and adventure buddies for their kids Grace and Alden.


Powder Raised from Three Peaks Media on Vimeo.

To find out more about the Yanceys and their unconventional child rearing, visit and get a copy of the November Issue.


  1. Soul food in the snow. We were raised on snow…when we walked we soon skied. Watching your beautiful stories shared is a wonderful reminder of how choices we personal make change the level and kind of noise in one’s life. Wonderful!

    • Thank you so much, Marie. It’s kind of you to comment on our video. Sounds like you have had similar life experience and you understand the path we have taken. All the best.

      Mark Yancey

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