Hung Out to Dry: How to Store Your Gear for the Summer

Snow is melting and for many the ski season is wrapping up. Yes, we see you, crazy-deep Western U.S. snowpack. Regardless, as your toys transition from skis and boards to bikes, ropes and more, it’s important to take the time to stow your winter gear correctly for the summer months. If you don’t read past this sentence, here’s the big takeaway: keep it CLEAN, DRY & COMFORTABLE. —The Editors

Skis & Boards

  1. Clean it off: It’s easy for grime to accumulate, especially skiing late into the season. Give your planks a thorough wipe down with a clean cloth, or a hose down if they really need it.
  2. Let them dry: You don’t want moisture on your skis or board when you set them aside for the summer. So, after your final lap, let them dry off. Splitboarders: dry your planks separately to make sure no moisture is trapped in between.
  3. (But not too dry): Give your bases and edges a once over. If there isn’t any damage that needs repair first, it’s ideal to wax your skis and/or board once the season ends. This protects your base from drying out.
  4. Let it rest:
    • Skiers: loosely strap your skis base to base and set them in a natural position, without pressure on the camber, rocker or brakes.
    • Boarders: Reassemble your board and rest it naturally.
  5. Bag it up: Storing your equipment back in your ski/board bag is a great way to protect from sunlight and dust while it’s not in use.


  1. Dry them out: After your last day, remove your liners and let it all REALLY dry out. Don’t forget to pull your foot bed and inserts out, too! (Plus, this should help with the smell).
  2. Once everything is dry: Reassemble your boots, buckle them loosely and store them somewhere cool and dry.

Avalanche Gear

Beacon: REMOVE THE BATTERIES. This prevents battery leakage from damaging your transceiver (most manufacturer’s will not cover damage from battery corrosion and leakage can destroy your battery ports permanently). Store in a cool, dry spot until snow starts falling again.

Airbag pack: Empty your pack out. Nobody wants to find a rotten apple core months later when they head out for the first tour of the season. Store your bag in a cool, dry place.

Shovel & probe: Make sure both still click into place like they should. Then give them a nice wipe down, making sure they’re dry and clean and store them in a dry spot.


Clean, dry and hang: Wash apparel according to manufacturer instructions, let it dry and give it space to breath for the summer. Note: puffies will lose loft if you squish them down for a long time!


Let them dry: then either hang or fold them with the original skin savers and carry case in a cool, dry place.

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