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Lance’s Lab: Research Opportunities

Tech nut Lance Riek at his home laboratory. [Photo] Simon Peterson

Tech nut Lance Riek at his home laboratory. [Photo] Simon Peterson

Each month, Backcountry technical editor Lance Riek investigates a conundrum of backcountry gear, snow science or molecular murkiness in his column “Lance’s Lab.” And he wants to help you out. Wondering what weather conditions are optimal for all-day blower? Curious how a boot’s walk mechanism works? Want to know the molecular science behind why your boot liners stink? Lance will find the answers.

Drop a line, comment below, and let our resident brainiac know your backcountry questions.

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  1. How Is climate change affecting the tele mama population?

  2. how much hype can you fit on a new pair of twin tip Uber Light Rockered Reverse Cambered Tech Binding Mounted Carbon fiber core skis?

  3. Sheridan Davis says:

    Happy summer lance. i’m wondering why cell phone technology can’t be adapted to align with avalanche beacon functionality. Wouldn’t it be great if we could download an app that would allow us to have our phones serve as beacons, and maybe with greater precision? can this become a reality? thanks!

  4. Is insulation inversely correlated to “breathability”? In other words, is the ability of fabric to vent heat (the opposite of insulation) different from its ability to vent moist air–which i assume is what “breathability” is all About. A reLated question is whether one defeats the bReathability of an outer layer by insulatiNg with a less breathable mid-layer–say putting a Down sweater under a breathable shell?



  5. Do you anwer any of the questioNs posed?

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