Nor’easter Set to Wallop New England

Following a winter that’s left many New England skiers starved of powder, contemplating their life choices, trimming and adhering paper snowflakes to their windows and tuning and retuning their skis in anticipation of the next big dump, a colossal Nor’easter is forecasted to bring two to three feet of snow to parts of the Northeast.

[Photo] Courtesy NASA/NOAA

[Photo] Courtesy NASA/NOAA

“Better late than never,” says National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Cole, a skier from northern New Hampshire who has logged 12 days this winter, three of which were on snow-dusted grass. “It’s been a rough year for backcountry skiers as well as for many of New England’s resorts, but I expect we’ll make up for it with this storm.”

According to Cole, an area of low pressure is building in the Gulf of Mexico and it will move across the north as a warm front before combining with a blast of polar air that will bring heavy and widespread precipitation to parts of Massachusetts and northward. New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont’s highest peaks could receive as much as 40 inches of snow over a two-day period.

“This will be the biggest storm the far Northeast has seen in a very long time,” Cole says. “And while it will cripple travel in some regions, it will be a welcome blessing to any skier.”

The first flakes of the despair-ending Nor’easter, Cole added, are expected to fly sometime within the next seven to nine months.



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