Photographer Profile: Ryan Creary captures the shades of winter

In the 2018 Photo Annual, we’ve asked seven photographers to dish on the inspiration behind a favorite photo of their choosing. These featured photographers capture the landscapes, community and emotion that that evoke the untracked experience, from dawn’s light to skintracks cutting across a blank white canvas.

In the next installment, Creary, of Revelstoke, B.C., explains how he creates definition against a white backdrop.

Creary poses from the other side. [Photo] Dan Stewart

We were out near Castle Mountain in the Canadian Rockies in their cat-ski terrain, and there was an old burn that went through that zone. There weren’t a lot of trees to begin with, but the trees left after the burn were these old giants. And it was snowing and blowing, and that was really the only definition we had against the white—just these gnarled trees.

They were scattered around the landscape in different shapes and sizes, and as I was looking around, I saw these three and how they lined up to make a cool frame. The snow wasn’t great—it was pretty windblown—but the athlete, Nina, was able to make it a cool shot anyway.

Nina Richard | Castle Mountain. B.C. | Photo: Ryan Creary

When I go out, I go to create images, not just to snap a few pics. I like to shoot at sunrise, sunset or on overcast days when the color is unusual. I like moody skies with different hues. I am always looking for the big picture of the landscape and finding the athlete’s place within that. I try to capture the athlete being a part of the beauty of the moment—that’s what I strive for.

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