Romancing the Skintrack: How to find (and keep) love in the backcountry

We’re re-sharing this piece from our archives in celebration of Valentines day, because love doesn’t stop on the skintrack.

To help you further improve your moves on February 14, we’ve polled our field of experts—namely a crack team of editors and contributors—for their best advice on how to maintain a relationship in the mountains.

Creative editor Sean Prentiss says it’s all about sharing the warmth, like on a particular -20 degree night ski when he let his then-girlfriend warm her freezing hands on his brawny chest. “And now that Sarah and I are married, I’m always ready to let her warm up her cold hands on my chest,” Prentiss says. “It’s the least that a husband can do in the mountains.” Here’s what some other romantics have to say.

Backcountry skiing, love and chocolate go together as well as backcountry skiing, love and whiskey. [Photo] Irina Pastrascu

Backcountry skiing, love and chocolate go together as well as backcountry skiing, love and whiskey. [Photo] Irina Pastrascu

“Spend equal time on vacations with your spouse as you do on ski trips with your bros. This is critical.” —Drew Pogge, Deputy Editor

“Perhaps I’m just plain lucky—my husband and I do everything mountain-sport-oriented together. Of course, I’d be that much luckier if he could keep up with me.” —Marla Bailey, Gear Tester

“Always pack chocolate. And hand warmers.” —Jeremy Bailey, Gear Tester

“Don’t date, move in with or marry a psychotic. It is really challenging when there are two crazy people in a relationship.” —Biff America 

“When his boots reek, I simply cork them with his buffs and beanies and ask him to poop outside.” —MB

“The boot dryer lives in the garage. Always.” —DP

“Be kind, appreciative and allow them to break trail. Look for a mate who likes it when you give her flowers but LOVES it when you give her a new ski hat.” —Biff America

“Hiding a hand-written note in her pack is better than any Hallmark.” —JB

“Pick a strong, independent partner. Mine actually finds life while I’m gone relaxing.” —DP

“ Remind yourself (and her) how fortunate you are to be with someone that enjoys skiing and being outdoors.” —JB

“Have sex with your partner, even after you just climbed 10,000 vertical feet and want nothing more than to pass out.” —DP

“Mutual respect and orgasims are crucial—you don’t even have to be in the same room.” —Biff America

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  1. Pete Preissl says:

    Ha ! some great funny advice here. Should I throw some flowers in my pack Gerda Wever ?

  2. Consider dating outside of the human species and pick a mate more adapted to cold weather and high altitude. I like mooses but I was told that mountain goats also make great girlfriends

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