Six supplements to aid in muscle recovery and boost energy

When it comes to determining their liquid diet for a day in the skintrack, tourers have historically broken nutritional choices into two categories: pre-ski coffee and post-ski beer. And while the a.m. caffeine kick and après libations will always have a place in skiing and riding culture, there are other offerings that can help you fuel for and recover from a long day in the mountains that involve neither the jitters nor a hangover.

Cure Hydration

Cure claims their hydration mix is as effective as an IV drip, and while it might be hard to corroborate this assertion, it’s far easier to bring along Cure’s single-serving four-inch-long packets than an IV bag. Sweaty days can be dehydrating, not just because of water loss, but also because of electrolyte depletion, and Cure aims to help the process of fluid retention with a balance of sodium and glucose that comes from organic coconut water powder, Himalayan sea salt and lemon juice powder. Three flavors—lemon, mixed berry and ginger turmeric—offer tasty options and are also highly quaffable when mixed with hot water. $20 (pack of 14),

Gnarly Nutrition Pre Workout 

What you eat and drink before you hit the skintrack can be just as important as your nutrition during and after a long day in the mountains. Enter Salt Lake City, Utah-based Gnarly Nutrition’s Pre Workout supplement, designed to help with stamina during a tour and muscle recovery afterward. This energy-packed mix includes caffeine and ginseng (also available in a caffeine-free version) to give your step some extra pep, while the beta-alanine, an amino acid, aims to stave off muscle fatigue for when the sun starts to wane. A dose of citrulline malate, another amino acid, is also included to help with muscle recovery over winter’s long haul. The strawberry lemonade flavor is outstanding. $38 (14 oz. tub),

Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Mix

It can be hard to remember to hydrate during winter, especially if cold temperatures and unwieldy mittens make mining through a pack for a water bottle inconvenient. So when you do stop, it’s important to have a drink that can make an impact. Quick energy and a boost in hydration is Skratch Labs’ goal with their Sport Hydration Mix, which incorporates sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium to enhance water absorption, plus cane sugar combined with natural sugars from real fruits to keep energy levels at their peak. Flavors include a host of not-too-sweet fruit options—lemon/lime, orange, strawberry, passion fruit and fruit punch—and a matcha and lemon flavor that offers a 16 mg/serving jolt of caffeine. $20 (1 lb. bag),

UnTapped Ginger Mapleaid

Not just for flapjacks and French toast, maple sugar, one of just three ingredients in Vermont-based UnTapped’s Ginger Mapleaid, provides a shot of energy during long workouts without the additives or fake sugar frequently included in energy drinks. In addition to including calcium, manganese, riboflavin, zinc and potassium that help the body maintain energy and recover quickly, maple sugar also has a low glycemic index, meaning it won’t spike glucose levels, providing more sustained energy than other sugars do. This mix’s real ginger adds extra zip and can aid in digestion when trail food gets the upper hand, and a dash of sea salt balances the sugar and helps replace electrolytes. Ginger Mapleaid makes an excellent hot drink, too. $25 (1 lb. bag),

Ascent Micellar Casein 

Sleep might seem like down time, but just because your legs aren’t moving doesn’t mean your body’s not working. With Ascent’s Micellar Casein, the wee hours run double duty for muscle rejuvenation. Micellar casein, a dairy protein, is slow digesting, meaning it releases proteins over a longer time than the average whey protein that’s commonly taken directly after a workout. So while you’re dozing, Ascent’s casien aims to repair and strengthen tired legs over a five- to six-hour period. It’s thicker than whey, so Ascent suggests using more liquid for shakes or making a bedtime pudding snack with almond milk or even a dollop of peanut butter, so dessert can be yummy and a part of recovery. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla and—our choice—chocolate peanut butter. $40 (2 lb. bag),

Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Plant Protein

For those who are diary-free or just keen on plant-based supplements, Gnarly Nutrition’s Vegan Plant Protein is designed to take the place of whey when consumed post-workout to help with muscle repair and recovery. A higher carbohydrate count than traditional milk-based proteins is intended to help enhance recovery after longer endurance-style missions, while pea protein—a complete protein containing all essential amino acids (BCAAs)—helps repair muscle fibers. When mixed with water, this vegan treat boasts a smooth texture—lighter and less dense than a whey shake—and comes in chocolate and vanilla so you can treat yourself—and your legs—to some tasty healing action before diving into traditional après drinks. $60 (1.8 lb. container),

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  1. A lot of energy is required to perform our day to day activities. The supplements that you have listed in the article will be very much helpful to keep us energetic throughout the day. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us. Keep sharing

  2. Personally, I’ve had great experiences with Cure Hydration’s packets, which are easy to carry and provide a refreshing balance of electrolytes. Also, Gnarly Nutrition’s Pre Workout supplement has been a game-changer for me, giving me that extra pep during tours and helping with muscle fatigue. Overall, these suggestions are spot on and can make a real difference in optimizing your performance in the mountains.

  3. I remember using the Cure Hydration mix after a particularly intense skiing session last winter, and it truly felt like a game-changer. Louise Lintilhac’s thorough dive into these products not only reminds me of the importance of proper recovery but also makes me eager to try out the UnTapped Ginger Mapleaid next. It’s impressive to see how the world of sports nutrition continues to innovate beyond the traditional pre-ski coffee and post-ski beer.

  4. Louise’s blog post on the six supplements for muscle recovery and energy boost genuinely changed my perspective on hydration and nutrition during ski trips. I’ve tried the Cure Hydration mix she mentioned and found it to be a game-changer during long days on the slopes, especially the ginger turmeric flavor. The UnTapped Ginger Mapleaid has also become a staple in my ski pack for sustained energy without the sugar spikes; it’s the perfect companion for the backcountry.

  5. Wow, this blog post is a treasure trove for those looking to optimize their winter sports experience! I actually tried the Gnarly Nutrition Pre Workout last ski season and it made a noticeable difference; I felt less fatigued and more ready for that après-ski beer. It’s fascinating to see how specialized supplements are becoming a part of the snow sports culture.

  6. Louise’s insights on muscle recovery supplements were an eye-opener! I remember using Gnarly Nutrition’s Pre Workout before my mountain trek last winter, and the strawberry lemonade flavor not only tasted fantastic but also kept my energy sustained throughout. Highly recommend exploring these options for a fatigue-free adventure.

  7. I’ve always been a coffee-and-beer kind of skier, but reading this post makes me realize there are some intriguing alternatives out there for fueling and recovery. The idea of a hydration mix that’s as effective as an IV drip piques my curiosity, and the variety of flavors is a bonus. Also, the Gnarly Nutrition Pre Workout supplement with strawberry lemonade flavor sounds like a delicious way to boost energy for a day on the slopes. These options might just make my ski days even more enjoyable and energized.

  8. Louise Lintilhac’s exploration of supplements for muscle recovery takes the reader on a vivid journey through unconventional options. The notion of hydrating with Cure’s four-inch-long packets rather than an IV bag adds a touch of practicality to the mountain experience, while the enticing strawberry lemonade flavor of Gnarly Nutrition’s Pre Workout supplement paints a flavorful picture of a high-energy pre-tour ritual. The article not only educates on supplements but also sparks curiosity about innovative ways to fuel and recover in the world of skiing and riding.

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