Snow Falls, Smart Probe Launched, Earlyups Releases ‘The Other Hours’


AvaTech Introduces SP1 and AvaNet

This Monday, the group of MIT alums behind AvaTech, a new avalanche safety technology company, launched their SP1 probe along with their avalanche data-sharing platform, AvaNet. The technologies have been more than two years in the making and are designed to work proactively to help backcountry users better understand the snowpack through which they travel. “Saving lives starts with understanding the snow under our feet and avoiding avalanches before they happen,” Markle says of the products. Read more about AvaTech, AvaNet and the SP1 here. In other news, the AvaTech founders are currently seeking a third roommate at their Park City, Utah apartment. Huge backyard, no pets, requires one-year lease, does not require degree from MIT.

Introducing AvaTech by AvaTech on

Chic Chocs, Quebec Receives Snow

As widespread frost chilled northern New England last night, the East received its first snowfall of the season, according to‘s Gravey Davey. A photo on the site showed several inches of accumulation in Murdochville, Quebec, which has significantly upped the East Coast’s collective powder anxiety. Below-average Eastern temperatures will moderate over the next week.

Earlyups’ Jeff Brines Releases ‘The Other Hours’

Jeff Brines, one of the guys behind, has covered nearly one million vertical feet on skis or bikes over the last year, a feat that inspired him to produce his latest edit, The Other Hours. Brines, a financial analyst based in Jackson Hole, Wyo., told Businessweek’s Natalie Kitroeff that he thinks the average person wastes their time outside of work. “No matter where you live, you can find a way to make the most of your time and not just waste it playing on your phone,” Brines said. “The main reason I did this wasn’t to highlight how cool my life is as much as it was to celebrate the fact that there’s a lot of people with this time that they don’t even know they have, and they should use it…. I was trying to challenge other people.” See the Businessweek story here.

The Other Hours from on Vimeo.

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