Splitboarder Liz Daley Killed In Argentine Avalanche

According to the Argentine news outlet OPI Santa Cruz, splitboarder and AMGA guide Liz Daley, of Tacoma, Wash., was killed in an avalanche on Monday near El Chaltén, Argentina. Daley, and her party of five, were reportedly descending Cerro Vespignani (2,146 meters) when the avalanche struck, carrying her 200 meters. Rescuers located her body last night.

Daley, 29, was a professional splitboarder and a splitboard, rock climbing and alpine guide for the American Alpine Institute. She’d spent the last five winters in Chamonix, France and was known for her energetic, bubbly personality. John Wright profiled Daley in last February’s issue of Backcountry, and she was highlighted in our January issue as one of the most influential women in the backcountry.

Daley’s party on Cerro Vespignani, which is located near Mt. Fitzroy (3,375 meters), reportedly included skier Drew Tabke, snowboarder Chris Coulter, guide Kent McBride, photographer Chris Figenshau and filmer Nick Kalisz.

Liz Daley in Chamonix, France. [Photo] Adam Clark

Liz Daley in Chamonix, France. [Photo] Adam Clark

“When I first met Liz, she was just getting into splitboarding,” Russell Cunningham, Karakoram’s relationship and communications director, said in the February 2014 profile of Daley. “In terms of human-powered alpinism, I would say she is one of the most accomplished.”

“She’s smart and safe, but also really conversational and just a fun person to be around,” photographer Jim Harris said of Daley in the January 2014 issue. “Liz is a really energetic, bubbly person, and far and away the best female splitboard mountaineer I know.”

As more details on this accident become available, we’ll publish them here. —BCM

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    Tyler, the city is called “El Chaltén “. A very sad for us in the PNW

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