Throwback Thursday: The Original Fart Catcher

When our intern, Amos Horn, stumbled across this gem of an advertisement while flipping through Issue 20 in the kitchen-turned-office, he muttered, “What’s the policy on nudity? What are they even advertising?”

We’re asking ourselves the same questions. Whatever the answers, the folks in Summit County, Colo. were doing something right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) back in ’99.  The casual Iron Cross on the right really puts the icing on this TBT cake.


Issue 20, September 1999

Issue 20, September 1999

We’re working toward publishing our 100th issue and celebrating 20 years of Backcountry Magazine. Can you believe it? Well, since we all can’t put our beers together with celebratory cheer, we’ve unearthed early editions of the mag, dug through them and pulled stories, photos, quotes, gear relics and more for your enjoyment. —The Editors


  1. With the start of a new millennium also came a revolution in fart catching:

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