Skintrack Sketches: Artist Dawn Gerety paints her love of Alaska and the Chugach Mountains

rtist Dawn Gerety, 48, was raised in Girdwood, Alaska and has always found inspiration in the peaks of the Chugach Mountains. Her biking, skiing and paddling pursuits instilled in her a desire to capture her passion for her natural and social communities.

Skintrack Sketches: Artist Nikki Frumkin blurs the lines of art and adventure

Seattle-based artist Nikki Frumkin likes to do her work on the go. Her penchant for adventure takes her on multi-day forays into the backcountry in both winter and summer, with a piece of paper and a small watercolor set as her only tools of the trade.

Skintrack Sketches: Swiss artist Corinne Weidmann explores layers in the landscape

For 35-year-old Swiss-born Corinne Weidmann—who artistically goes by Iuna Tinta—the landscapes of home exude creative inspiration. Part of her family is from the Bernese Oberland, so images of Lauterbrunnen and the surrounding mountains and glaciers make frequent appearances on her canvas. But desire for world travel has taken her to the jungle of Costa Rica, the windswept shores of the Pacific Northwest and, now, to where she resides in Berlin.

Skintrack Sketches: Brooklyn Bell finds her calling in art and the mountains

For 21-year-old Brooklyn Bell of Bellingham, Wash., breaking into the world of skiing was intimidating, but her wanderlust and love of her natural surroundings pushed her to explore new sports and spaces.

Skintrack Sketches: Freeskier Chris Benchetler tops things off with graphic design

For freeskier Chris Benchetler of Mammoth, Calif., skiing is about finding beautiful lines in work and art. First drawn to slope-style competition and then on to filming with Poor Boys Productions, he realized he could make a living doing the sport he loved.

Skintrack Sketches: B.C.’s former freeride competitor Richard Small on art, mixology and his native roots

For artist Richard Small, a.k.a Raven Richie, the mountains and wildlife of his home in British Columbia serve as inspiration across mediums. From his birthplace in Fernie, nestled in the Kootenay Mountains, to his current home in coastal Whistler, he capitalizes on his eclectic interest—from drawing and digital work to cocktail making—he pushes his artistic boundaries.

Skintrack Sketches: Kate Zessel finds creativity on the skintrack

Hailing from Whistler, B.C., 27-year-old artist Kate Zessel seems to have everything figured out. But her path to success hasn’t been a straight one; growing up, she wasn’t sure how to make art a viable profession.

Skintrack Sketches: Mimi Kvinge looks to balance authentic artistic identity and brand

Seattle, Wash. resident Mimi Kvinge, 28, believes that every day is an art class. Her expansive portfolio across a multitude of mediums showcases her natural talent and dedication to her craft. Kvinge epitomizes the ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle with pursuits in skiing, mountain biking and fishing.

Skintrack Sketches: John Fellows carves a place for his recreation-inspired artwork

For John Fellows, 43, the pursuit of art did not follow a straight path. High school struggles and time abroad in Europe punctuated his journey to find an application for his loves of art and the environment.

Skintrack Sketches: Gianna Andrews takes the silver linings in life and paints them

In this installment of Skintrack Sketches, we explore the art of Gianna Andrews. Hailing from Vashon Island, Washington, the 23-year-old is a passionate skier and mountain biker, but a compression fracture to her T6 and seven vertebrae in 2015 challenged her to expand on non-physical pursuits.