Skintrack Sketches: Travis Parr on remaining rooted while pushing his artistic boundaries

For Icelantic Skis’ co-founder and artistic director Travis Parr, the future of his brand lies in its past. Since 2003, Parr has been pushing the boundaries of Icelantic’s topsheet design and ski-related art through lively graphics influenced by his love of world history, exploration and the connection between humans and the environment.

Skintrack Sketches: Artist Lindsay Dew counts on memory to create mountainscapes

For Nelson, B.C. resident Lindsay Dew, art is more than a full-time job. When she’s not working as an art therapist or serving on the Nelson District Arts Council’s board of directors, Dew is in her studio creating mountainscapes of her own. Instead of working from photos, Dew uses her memory of past mountain experiences as her main inspiration.

Skintrack Sketches: Vermont artist Jess Graham speaks to her love of lines in painting and snowboarding

Jess Graham looks to mountain biking and snowboarding to inspire her artwork – both as a graphic designer for Alchemist Brewing in Stowe, Vermont and in her home studio. Whether she’s embarking on powder or dirt missions or applying her creativity through acrylic paints and sketching, Graham is always thinking about her lines.

Skintrack Sketches: Artist Emma Longcope paints the public lands she protects by day

Colorado-based artist Emma Longcope, 25, sees art and journaling as a way to slow down and better appreciate her surroundings on the skintrack. And although she considers her art a hobby, Longcope works to bring her artistic side to her day job as the content coordinator for the American Alpine Club by illustrating infographics and other nature-inspired materials.

Skintrack Sketches: ACMG guide Aaron Enns zooms in on geometry to paint a bigger picture

Artist and ACMG-certified guide, Aaron Enns, 40, hails from Golden, B.C., where he looks to his skintrack-based work in the winter and tree-planting vocation in the summer as fuel for his creative juices. Through incorporating the natural, repeating patterns and fractal geometry that appear in the familiar backcountry scenery of his workday, he aims to […]

Skintrack Sketches: Lori LaBissoniere finds her inspiration in the Pacific Northwest’s remote landscapes

For painter Lori LaBissoniere, her artwork and environmental ethos go hand in hand. Through her work on reclaimed wood, she depicts the remote landscapes of the Pacific Northwest that she loves and her feelings about environmental degradation that are threatening her places of inspiration. We spoke to Labissoniere to learn more about her medium of […]

Skintrack Sketches: Artist Dawn Gerety paints her love of Alaska and the Chugach Mountains

rtist Dawn Gerety, 48, was raised in Girdwood, Alaska and has always found inspiration in the peaks of the Chugach Mountains. Her biking, skiing and paddling pursuits instilled in her a desire to capture her passion for her natural and social communities.

Skintrack Sketches: Artist Nikki Frumkin blurs the lines of art and adventure

Seattle-based artist Nikki Frumkin likes to do her work on the go. Her penchant for adventure takes her on multi-day forays into the backcountry in both winter and summer, with a piece of paper and a small watercolor set as her only tools of the trade.

Skintrack Sketches: Swiss artist Corinne Weidmann explores layers in the landscape

For 35-year-old Swiss-born Corinne Weidmann—who artistically goes by Iuna Tinta—the landscapes of home exude creative inspiration. Part of her family is from the Bernese Oberland, so images of Lauterbrunnen and the surrounding mountains and glaciers make frequent appearances on her canvas. But desire for world travel has taken her to the jungle of Costa Rica, the windswept shores of the Pacific Northwest and, now, to where she resides in Berlin.

Skintrack Sketches: Brooklyn Bell finds her calling in art and the mountains

For 21-year-old Brooklyn Bell of Bellingham, Wash., breaking into the world of skiing was intimidating, but her wanderlust and love of her natural surroundings pushed her to explore new sports and spaces.