Snow Shooter: Jay Beyer

Travel is part and parcel to being a photographer, but Jay Beyer really gets around. He has been on the road for the last few months, capturing hunting images in New Mexico, Colorado and Montana and has finally settled back into the office, for a little while at least.

We were lucky to catch Beyer at his home in Cottonwood Heights, Utah in between adventures where he is now editing before the winter months. Beyer shared a few of his future plans with us and discussed how he finds balance in his fast paced world.

Snow Shooter: Brian Mohr

Getting the shot is just a bonus for Brian Mohr, whose seemingly unlimited appreciation for family, community and environment continuously bubbles over. As he goes with the flow, he has a camera along for the ride—taking photos as he inspects both the finer and bigger things that cross his path.

Snow Shooter: Tero Repo

No newcomer to big-mountain photography, Finland-native Tero Repo has influenced photography trends and captured images of some of the best backcountry and freeride skiers out there.

Snow Shooter: Cedric Bernardini

Cedric Bernardini was born just outside of Chamonix, but he didn’t become a skier until many years later. He has traveled all over, from Paris to Zimbabwe, but it was in the Sierra Nevada where he picked up his love for skiing. When Backcountry got him on the phone, Bernardini talked about days off, being lazy and skiing with friends.

Snow Shooter: Will Wissman

Will Wissman has been taking pictures for longer than most people can say they have been skiing. He’s worked with magazines like Backcountry, National Geographic Adventure and Outside, and he carved out time in his busy schedule to chat with Backcountry about snowmaking, stoke and how avalanches can save lives..

Snow Shooter: Mattias Fredriksson

Mattias Fredriksson is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s worked as an editor, had his own magazine and is now a professional photographer with almost 400 cover images to his name. This September, Fredriksson will add another shot to his already impressive portfolio: the cover of Backcountry’s 2015 Gear Guide.

Snow Shooter: Chris Christie

Don’t worry; New Jersey’s governor hasn’t taken up photography. This Chris Christie, a resident of Squamish, B.C., has a penchant for stouts and big ski lines, and he doesn’t take being a photographer lightly.

Snow Shooter: Reuben Krabbe

Growing up on the prairies of Calgary, Reuben Krabbe marks his move to the mountains of Whistler, B.C. as one of the defining moments in his photography career. He’s a towering six feet four inches, which means he ducks when entering most ski huts, but that hasn’t stopped him from capturing the passion at the core of our sport.

Snow Shooter: Bruno Long

Put Bruno Long in Rogers Pass (his favorite place to shoot and ski), and all he needs is a camera and a pair of skis to be happy. Long’s biggest weakness? Being so obsessed with photography that, he says, his friends tell him, “Dude, you’ve got to lay off. You’ve got to shut your brain off.”

Snow Shooter: Photographer Cody Downard

Having grown up in Kansas, Cody Downard loves mountains like only those once deprived of them can. We caught Downard in between shoots for advice on photos and life. His suggestion to guys in their 20s? Get a Pomeranian.