In “Turns & Curves” Giulia Monego speaks of love and loss in the mountains

Last week, Bjarne Salén, director and producer for Endlessflow Films, released Turns and Curves, a short film featuring Italian freeskier and mountaineer Giulia Monego and her motivation to continue mountain exploration in the face of recent personal loss.

Turns & Curves – Giulia Monego from Bjarne Salén on Vimeo.

Since her debut on the Freeride World Tour in 2001, Monego has had many big-mountain achievements in the Mont Blanc massif and grew close with her ski partner, David Rosenbarger, who accompanied her on many of her adventures.

In January 2015, Rosenbarger, died in an avalanche on Mont Blanc’s Marbré. His passing prompted a period of soul searching for Monego that is captured by Salén in Turns and Curves. She speaks of working to regain her love of the mountains after Rosenbarger’s death and the doubt that comes with adventure in a high-risk environment in the wake of tragedy.

“I felt totally lost and disconnected to skiing,” Monego says. “Especially to those places I thought were so familiar before and gave me so much joy.”

The film documents her grieving process and how her return to the Marbré after the accident helped her honor Rosenbarger and come to a new understanding of the role skiing has in her life.

“Only through the bond of nature I found peace and the meaning of my search again,” Monego says. “What I look for is happiness and deep fulfillment—that strong emotion that only a big achievement out in the wilderness can give.”

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