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Mountain Account: Escape from Glacier Bay

“I knew we were in trouble when the contraband ran low,” Sheldon Kerr writes in the February-issue Mountain Account, Escape from Glacier Bay. “We had to face the facts,” she continues, “this storm was not letting up. That meant the pilot wasn’t coming for us, and if we didn’t make our way out of the whiteout glaciered wilderness, up and over the passes of the Chilkats, through the bear-filled rainforest and down to the ocean, we were going to die. Or at least get fired.” Here’s a video of the epic, and check out the February issue, which hits newsstands on February 3, for the full story.

Haines: Plan B from Mark Allen on Vimeo.

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  1. pretty funny – am I the only one who thought Sheldon was a guy? It’s cool, nothing wrong with a little man-love out in the backcountry

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