Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean: Skinning


This article was originally published in December 2016. 

In this episode, Andrew McLean teaches skinning with style, from kickturns to sidehilling. Catch his pointers to keep steady on the up.

Each week, Basecamp TV, in collaboration with Andrew McLean, brings you new skills to help grow your ski mountaineering gray matter and improve your understanding of how to move in technical terrain. Over 11 episodes, McLean covers tips, tricks and techniques to get you safely into the mountains.

Basecamp TV’s Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean is brought to you by Backcountry Magazine and Outdoor Research.

Shot on location in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and beyond

Cinematography by Jonah and Noah Howell

Editing by Noah Howell

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  1. Joe Lanzetta says:

    Great video, appreciate the time and investment Backcountry and OR are making. Keep them coming

  2. Andy Starr says:

    how bout important stuff like maintenance of skins and the trail angle!

  3. This looks so dope. I want to acquire these skiing skills too.

  4. Martha Avery says:

    Love this video series! Very helpful to me as BC skier. Like Andy Starr says, I’d like to know more about maintenance of skins, skin handling & how to efficiently transition–skins off and put away, skins on. I find I’m always the slowest person in transition and hate to keep my mates waiting.

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