Skiing and Science: Shifting Ice team releases documentary teaser

For some, sailing from Iceland to Greenland might conjure thoughts of seasickness and unpleasant weather. For others it invokes visions of adventure. The latter was the case for six women who set sail in April 2014.

Nat Segal, McKenna Peterson, Meghan Kelley, Pip Hunt, her mother Martha and Kt Miller—the all-female team behind the Shifting Ice and Changing Tides expedition— skied first descents among Greenland’s fjords and studied the effects of climate change on snowpack in northern environs.

In February 2015, Backcountry caught up with the team and discussed both their ski aspirations and their more scientific objectives of looking at how the melting of the ice sheet in Greenland will affect the ecology and community locally and globally. Now they are releasing a documentary profiling the expedition titled Shifting Ice.

“I think the biggest perspective-changing thing was that we have to step back and look at it from the bigger picture,” says photographer Kt Miller, who edited and produced the film. “You can’t just go for a week or a month somewhere and really have an in-depth understanding of what is going on. It takes so much more than that.”

“We were trying to highlight solutions and not just talk about problems,” Miller explains. “One of the most powerful parts of the documentary was the locals that we were able to interview and interact with while we were there.”

The documentary, teased with the trailer below, will premiere at the iF3 International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal on September 24 and will later appear in film festivals around the world. Read more about the project at

Shifting Ice + Changing Tides teaser on Vimeo.


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