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Working for the Weekend: Meathead Films’ New Series

Can you spend an entire season just skiing backcountry out East? Can you make it happen only on the weekends? Ben Leoni, an attorney from Portland, Maine, thinks so. And the new web series, Working for the Weekend from Meathead Films, captures his story.

After an 11-year run of producing East Coast ski flicks, Vermont’s Meathead Films isn’t releasing a full-length feature this year. Instead, they’re putting their eggs in the webisode basket, launching a five-part series of backcountry-exclusive episodes. Without the urban jib footage that’s overloaded Meathead Films of late, the trailer captures a taste of the adventure, exploration, grit, powder and ice that are signature of backcountry skiing in the East. They’ll be releasing the five-part series beginning in December.

“Working For The Weekend” Trailer – Meathead Films from Ski The East on Vimeo.

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  1. meathead films says:

    working for the weekend is actually 1 of 2 web projects that we’re producing this season. the typical meathead recipe of 1/2 powder and 1/2 freestyle/ urban will return in a separate webisode series… trailer and ep. 1 launching soon.

    Working for the weekend and the meathead project will alternate in their episode release schedules, with a new webisode debuting each week, starting in December. grab your fork and knife and prepare to consume some grade a beef.

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