Snowpack List: Avalanche assessments from around the U.S.: Week of January 15

The avalanche forecast for this week presents a small reprieve from last week’s alarming ratings. But even though conditions might not be extreme, dangers still lurk in the snowpack across the Western U.S.

Silverton Slide: Jeremy Bird recounts being swept onto Colorado route 550 in a January 9 avalanche

On January 9th, residents of the greater Durango, Colo. area, Jeremy Bird and Mark Helmich, set out to tour in Coal Bank Pass in the San Juan Mountains—a day that ended with Bird, 52, getting swept over a cliff and onto route 550 by an avalanche.

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Snowpack List: Avalanche assessments from around the U.S.: Week of January 8

As the Western U.S. is doused in feet of new snow, avy danger is heightening, resulting in ratings ranging from considerable to extreme avy danger. While fresh powder is always alluring on some level, this is one of those times where playing it safe and staying away from slopes steeper than 30 degrees is the best option. Instead of taking on high risk, go drink a coffee and read a good book. Live to play another day.

Revive Rogers: A Clean Slate for Rogers Pass, B.C.

Between Revelstoke and Golden, British Columbia, Rogers Pass climbs over the Selkirk Mountains and through Glacier National Park, beckoning skiers and riders with its easy access and big-mountain terrain. It’s the place that made Greg Hill’s 2010, two-million-foot season possible; it’s been written about in every major ski publication and appeared in countless ski movies. And now, it has an uncertain future.

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Snowpack List: Avalanche Assessments from around the U.S., Week of January 2

New Year, same snowpack. That’s generally the consensus across the U.S. where persistent, early season hazards seem to remain a concern, offering up moderate avalanche danger ratings across many forecasted zones. The far-western part of the country—Tahoe specifically—will see heavy snow over the beginning half of the week, while much of the intermountain west will see snow midweek.