Mountain Skills: How to really read the avalanche forecast


Avalanche forecast centers do a great job informing backcountry travelers about current conditions, weather patterns and the avalanche danger. In fact, when you start digging, there is a huge amount of information on an avalanche forecast center’s website. But to get the most out of the forecast and prioritize information, don’t just stop at the danger rating—use the forecast center’s site as a resource regarding past, current and future conditions.

Caltrans limits parking along Lake Tahoe, stirs controversy

It is hard to find the balance between access and preservation in recreational landscapes. [Photo] Countresy of

Blood pressure is rising among backcountry skiers in the Lake Tahoe area and not just because of elevation. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has downsized some highly used pullouts along Highway 89 in the West Shore Region. For skiers who use those pullouts for parking to access some favorite Tahoe bc zones, the environmental improvements have been a tough pill to swallow.

Snow Shooter: Tero Repo


No newcomer to big-mountain photography, Finland-native Tero Repo has influenced photography trends and captured images of some of the best backcountry and freeride skiers out there.

Mountain Skills: Why Take Avy Two?


While most backcountry users end their formal avalanche training after Avy One, snow safety requires constant education.

Backcountry Magazine Requests Submissions for First Fall Line Film Festival

barnbash2015 708x400

Backcountry Magazine is calling all filmmakers—professional or amateur alike—to submit their short films for consideration in our first-ever Fall Line Film Festival. Taking place at our annual Barn Bash, held on Saturday, October 24 in Cambridge, Vt., this film showcase will feature the best of the submissions we receive in two categories, independent and brand sponsored.

The Offseason: T-Bar Films Gears Up For Winter


“We’re gearing up for what is going to be a big 2015/2016 winter,” Tyler Wilkinson-Ray says in an interview in the October 2015 issue. He’s half the two-brother team behind Vermont-based T-Bar Films, known for producing “United We Ski” and “Vasu Sojitra: Out On A Limb.” While editing their latest film, Tyler shot and produced a short, capturing his motivation, inspiration and outlook for the upcoming winter.

Photo Gallery: Hokkaido’s Heli Debate

Adam U finds the quieter side of Shiribetsu-dake. [Photo] Freya Fennwood

In “Hokkaido’s Heli Debate,” Whittaker investigates a brewing issue on Japan’s north island, where backcountry and helicopter skiers are squaring off over the shadowy trees and sunny bowls of Shiribetsu-dake (3,632 ft.). “Can there be enough for everyone?” Whittaker ponders.

Apogée: Celebrating JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson


Last year, Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair set out to film a project they called Apogée, which means the highest point in the development of something. The project was cut short, a year ago yesterday, when the both Fransson and Auclair died in an avalanche on Monte San Lorenzo on the Chilean/Argentine border. Exactly one year after their deaths, close friend Bjarne Salén, of Endless Flow Films, released a 15-minute cut of the film.

Infinite Wisdom: Wisecracks and Wit For Ski Travel


When it comes to ski travel, everybody has an opinion—where to go, when to go, what to pack or how to adhere to international sauna etiquette.

Snow Shooter: Oskar Enander


For color-blind photographer Oskar Enander, shooting is all about shadows—he loves winter’s contrast of light and dark. Born in Gothenberg Sweden, Enander moved to the Alps in a van to live as a ski bum but picked up photography along the way.