The Way East: Ski and surf on the Sea of Japan

At first, the idea was just a tiny seed, an adventure combining the love of wild mountains and oceans. Hokkaido takes all the unique culture of Japan and blends it with a pristine wilderness to create a truly special piece of the country.

2017 Testers’ Choice: Christine Raymond’s picks

The Backcountry Magazine Gear Guide is nothing without its testers—a group of 40 skiers who congregate every year at Powder Mountain, Utah to give the coming season’s skis, boots and bindings a thorough shakedown. After completing up to three runs on a given product, each tester fills out a form with numerical scores and detailed insights.

Newell Brands Inc., owner of Rubbermaid, sheds snow-sports brands

Newell Brands Inc. has announced that its winter sports brands K2, Völkl, Marker, Line, Full Tilt and Ride are for sale. The statement, released Tuesday, raises questions about the future of brands that have long made frequent appearances in quivers around the globe, in bounds and in the backcountry.

Schlarb-Wolf Productions releases documentary on skiing Silverton’s Hardrock 100 course

This past week, Schlarb-Wolf Productions released the video shot and edited by Noah Howell documenting the first ski attempt of the Hardrock 100 route in Silverton, Colo.

Jordan Manley’s “A Skier’s Journey” returns for its final season

After a three-year hiatus in the Arc’teryx-sponsored series, A Skier’s Journey is back for its fourth and final season. Over three episodes, Manley will explore Iran, China and, finally, will return to his home to film the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia. The Iran episode is available for the first time today.

Vermont Huts Association: New nonprofit seeks to develop hut system in Green Mountains

The idea to connect existing huts, yurts, cabins and lodges around Vermont to promote multi-day backcountry trips isn’t a novel one. But while other U.S. mountain ranges boast such hut-to-hut systems, discussions in Vermont have remained at the meeting table—until now. On August 22, the Vermont Huts Association (VHA) gained its nonprofit status, marking the […]

Expect the Unexpected: Climatologist Alan Betts explains how climate variability will affect winters across the world

In the October issue of Backcountry Magazine, atmospheric scientist Alan Betts talks about the implications of climate change on wintertime precipitation in Japan. And while the status of Japan’s snow is important, it’s part of a larger global-climate equation.

Early Lake Louise Avalanche Kills Skier

LAKE LOUISE, ALBERTA On Sunday, September 25, Trevor Sexsmith, 27, was killed in an avalanche on Mount Victoria in Banff National Park. Sexsmith, a Golden, B.C. resident, was a passionate backcountry skier who spent much of his time exploring the Canadian Rockies.

Summer Stashes: Photographer Jesse Levine explores the reaches of Rocky Mountain National Park

For this installment of “Summer Stashes,” Jesse Levine takes us on a tour of earlier summer adventures to some of his favorite places for warm-weather skiing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Summer Stashes: Mt. Timpanogos provides August turns

For this installment of “Summer Stashes,” we talked with Logan Tuura about his annual pilgrimage to Utah’s Mt. Timpanogos.