Beyond the Course: Foundation formed to support USSA athletes with safety education

On May 9, 2016, USSA announced that in honor of Astle and Berlack, they have formed the Bryce and Ronnie Athlete Safety and Security Foundation (BRASS), whose mission is to increase awareness, promote training and education and advance investments regarding athlete safety and security.

Crowdsourced: How Will Social Media Shape Avalanche Forecasting?

It wasn’t long ago when standard protocol for gathering the daily avalanche bulletin meant calling in to a recorded message. Now, there are web-based forecasts, graphic interpretations of hazards and apps to upload observations. And while the daily bulletins will never be reduced to 140 characters on Twitter, avalanche centers are looking to new-age platforms to gather observations and share information.

2016 Beer Guide: West Coast

From backyard brews to big business beers, we have parsed out some of our select beers from across the country for the 2016 Beer Guide. This week we start with the West Coast, a region many associate with wine. But these fermented beverages might give Napa a run for its money.

Remembering Alex Lowe, David Bridges and the 1999 Shishapangma Avalanche

On April 27, climbers David Goettler and Ueli Steck reported finding the bodies of Alex Lowe and David Bridges on Shishapangma in Tibet, according to a statement by the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation. More than sixteen years earlier, on October 5, 1999, Lowe and Bridges perished in an avalanche while on a ski expedition with Conrad Anker, Mark Holbrook, Kris Erickson, the late Hans Saari and Andrew McLean. Here, McLean shares his reflections on the 1999 expedition, the avalanche that killed Lowe and Bridges and the void left by their passing.

Leave Nice Tracks: A Vermont Backcountry Film

Across the country, skiers and riders have been banding together, creating backcountry alliances that promote and protect their surrounding mountain ranges. And in Backcountry Magazine’s own backyard, the same phenomenon is occurring thanks to the Vermont Backcountry Alliance and localized groups like Rochester Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA).

Finding the Line: New Bjarne Salen film to follow sister skiers in their pursuit to understand what it means to be afraid

Filmmaker Bjarne Salen, producer of the acclaimed 2015 film Eclipse, has recently announced that he will be producing a ski documentary to be released fall 2017 called Finding the Line in which he will follow two sisters and ski athletes Nat and Anna Segal in their search to understand fear. The Segal sisters will use snowy mountains and big lines as backdrops to explore the subject of fear and how it affects them in their pursuit of professional skiing.

Fear Management: How to Prep Your Mental State for Your Next Backcountry Objective

Fear is part of the human condition, especially if you like to adventure. Whether you are ascending an exposed ridgeline or standing at the top of big, hairy line, the jitters can hit you and you work through it—or you don’t and turn around.

2016 Beer Guide: Editors’ Choice

Over the next few weeks, we will present our beer standouts by region, but first, we will start with three outlier beers that should be on the bucket list of any libation aficionado.

Mission Memorial Day: Taking remembrance to the mountains

In early March, Associate Editor Lucy Higgins spent four days touring and skiing in the Beartooth Mountains with the Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors program for an upcoming story. Also on the trip was Josh Jesperson, a splitboarder and Navy SEAL and, now, one of the founders of Mission Memorial Day (MMD).

A multi-user backcountry discussion: Winter Wildlands Alliance Ambassador Forum 2016

AMGA Guide Donny Roth, an ambassador for Winter Wildlands, recently went to the first Winter Wildlands Alliance Forum held in Tahoe City, Calif. There, Roth and fellow ambassadors and mountain adventurers discussed common goals for conserving wild, winter recreational spaces and the shifting perspective in how to do so.