Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Ski Mountaineering Course

It’s easy to get caught up in the hardskills when you take a course, instead Tom Hallberg shares the human factors he found improved his learning experience.

Dust-on-Snow Events Threaten Winter and Spring Snowpacks

Dust on snow events are sure to make your skiing less fun, but they also pose major risks to streams and rivers by changing snow runoff.

In Relatively Average Season for Avalanche Deaths Across U.S., Colorado Approaches Record Number of Fatalities

Avalanche deaths across the country are so far just shy of the 10-year average, but in Colorado that’s not the case.

OOO: Gear Test Week

Thanks for coming to our website and for your interest in backcountry skiing! We are away from the office at our annual Gear Test Week at Powder Mountain in Utah. We’ll be spending the week testing next year’s skis, splitboards, boots and apparel for our annual Gear Guide. We will not have time to publish […]

Cascade Chronicler Lowell Skoog Makes History by Winning National Outdoor Book Award

The roster of awards Lowell Skoog has received for his 2020 book, Written in the Snows, rivals his list of pioneering routes in Washington’s Cascades, and no prize is bigger than the National Outdoor Book Award for historical writing.

Mountain Skills: Secondhand Stoke

With a bit of planning and foresight, you can take your ski photos from social media ephemera to memories you actually revisit. But, photographers say, don’t forget to have fun while you’re in pursuit of that perfect shot.

Jeremy Jones on His New Book, The Art of Shralpinism

Jeremy Jones has years of experience that might help the average backcountry traveler. He’s compiled it in a new book, his first, called The Art of Shralpinism. The title, a portmanteau of shredding and alpinism, reveals his philosophy: that the mountaineering is a vehicle for skiing the best lines in the best conditions.

2023 Gear Guide Specification Chart

We didn’t run the back-of-the-Gear-Guide chart in the 2022 Gear Guide, and we noted the displeasure many readers registered with that omission. So, here it is for the 2023 version, back by popular demand.

Levels of Obligation: Connor Ryan Shares his Message

Connor Ryan isn’t a typical pro skier, nor does he make typical ski films. Instead he uses his movies to share messages from his Lakota heritage that could transform the ski industry.

A Methodical Learner: Tim van der Krogt Brings Freestyle Flair to Splitboard Mountaineering

From dropping Rogers Pass pillows to ticking off some of Revelstoke, B.C.’s biggest lines, Tim van der Krogt brings freestyle flair to the backcountry