Video: The End of the Earth


Australia doesn’t exactly jump to mind when thinking of skiing during the North American summer. Rather, Chile and Argentina are the spots reserved in our collective conscious for off-season, dream-trip destinations. But Australia’s southern provinces, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, are home to about a dozen ski areas and peaks that measure taller than 6,000 feet. So think again.

Video: Spring in Tuckerman Ravine


Episode Six of the Meathead’s “Working for the Weekend” heads to Mt. Washington’s mega-classic spring ski, Tuckerman Ravine. “It’s really not about skiing,” Ben Leoni says, “It’s about celebrating the ski season…it’s a party, it’s a circus.” And the springtime-circus is filled with sunburns, silly outfits, big hucks and scary carnage, all showcased in the […]



The snow gods have halted their powdery offerings, forcing testers to strap on their skins and push farther out into Powder Mountain’s backcountry zones in search of shaded slopes. Others found soft spring snow between trees and ripped down groomers, ticking off as many different skis as they could in one day.



While skiers polished off the remaining pockets of fresh snow on the slopes of Powder Mountain, a contingent of testers snuck out to James Peak to hunt down some untouched powder. Lathered in sun screen and equipped with avalanche gear, they found what the were looking for—untouched white stuff under bluebird skies.

2015 Gear Test Week Video Dispatch: Day Zero

The test crew, and friends new and old, rolling in from ski towns across the country. [Photo] Tyler Cohen

Backcountry Magazine’s Gear Test Week, our annual pilgrimage to Powder Mountain, Utah, kicks off with more than 40 testers evaluating over 200 skis and 100 AT and telemark boots for five days to create next fall’s 2015 Gear Guide.

2015 Gear Test Week Video Dispatch: Day One

On Day 1 of Backcountry Magazine’s Gear Test Week, the crew of testers pulled out the fat skis. With eight inches of fresh snow, anxious testers grabbed skis, adjusted bindings and hit the slopes and backcountry at Powder Mountain quicker than Shaggy fowling the resort’s bathroom.

Know The Snow: Inside Project Zero’s Video Contest


“We’re trying to create a new norm that really embraces avalanche safety skills,” says Tom Murphy, director of operations at the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), of the Project Zero initiative. Project Zero aims to reduce the number of avalanche fatalities to zero. And the initiative’s latest project is a community-sourced video contest and education campaign called Know The Snow.

Wendy Fisher: The Iconic Super Mom


“Wendy is a pioneer in every true sense of the word,” skier and writer Molly Baker said in our January Issue. That’s why Wendy Fisher made the list of the 37 most influential women in the backcountry. “It’s still relevant to watch her grease Alaskan spines..her kind of impact just never goes away,” Baker added. The latest episode of Salomon Freeski TV captures Fisher’s influence from her early ski racing career to today.

Mountain Account: Escape from Glacier Bay


“I knew we were in trouble when the contraband ran low,” Sheldon Kerr writes in the February-issue Mountain Account, Escape from Glacier Bay. “We had to face the facts,” she continues, “this storm was not letting up. That meant the pilot wasn’t coming for us.” Here’s a video of the whiteout, crevasse-ridden, thorny Alaskan epic.