Herd Disputes: Skiers, land managers attempt to find common ground in Tetons’ bighorn sheep habitat

A working group in Jackson Hole is ready to present its recommendations for how or if more closures should be put in place for bighorn sheep habitat in popular ski zones.

A Ski Area That’s Backcountry: Oxymoron or opportunity?

The draw of backcountry skiing stems from the freedom, solitude and simplicity it offers. And that draw seems to grow more attractive and accessible each year, thanks not only to huge improvements in gear but disenchantment with increasing commercialization, prices and crowds of traditional, confined ski areas.

An Ode to the Old

It’s easy to forget, even among our single-use-plastic-shunning, bike-commuting, recycling, backcountry-skiing selves, that everything about ski gear is resource intensive.

A Teton Bar Crawl: From Jackson’s Mangy Moose to Targhee’s Trap Bar, It’s a Long, Hard Walk

Whorls of snow blast through camp, sending accumulation sliding down our wind-rattled tents. An airborne pine needle hurls itself into my rapidly cooling, dehydrated-egg-in-bag breakfast, and, hunkered into our hoods, we glumly survey the scene. Then Adam cracks a mischievous smile and pulls a flask from his pack. It’s our third day traversing the Tetons and an early-morning shot sounds like a great idea. We’re in the middle of a bar crawl of sorts, after all.

Snow King Moves Up: Inside Jackson, Wyo.’s Uphill Movement

Snow King—known as “the King,” or the town hill—isn’t the reason people move to Jackson, but once they settle in, it often becomes a big part of life. The lift access is important, but where Snow King truly shines is in its extremely lenient uphill policy: three designated uphill routes during operating hours, and dogs allowed whenever the lifts are not spinning. Yet, increasing uphill pressure has put the issue in the hot seat in Jackson this season.

Shifting Ice: A mother-daughter pair explores Greenland in an unconventional way

About a year ago, one not-your-everyday mother-daughter conversation took place when Pip Hunt called up her mother, Martha. Pip, a former freeskiing competitor and ski coach, had something else up her sleeve for the woman who helped shape her athleticism and sense of adventure. According to Pip, the call went something like this: “Hey, Mama! […]

Women’s Specific: Are female-focused skis necessity or preference?

Changes in skiing technology—think the first parabolic shapes, fat widths and rocker—usually bring excitement, not controversy. That is, until you consider women’s specific gear. So are women’s-specific skis preference, necessity or a change in marketing culture?

Pretty Faces: The World Premiere

Last night, Colorado’s 850-seat Boulder Theater was standing-room-only. Skiers—from famous names to everyday shredders—arrived from far-flung locales in anticipation of the world premiere of Lynsey Dyer’s all-women’s ski film, Pretty Faces: The Story of a Skier Girl. And the verdict is out: the one-hour flick is well-shot, beautifully edited, and topped off with a great soundtrack and athlete interviews. It is lighthearted, but filled with impressive and inspiring action.

The Grand Teton: A Johnstone Family Picnic

Not all family outings conclude with a broken record on one of the most notorious peaks in the Lower 48, but the Johnstones of Jackson Hole, Wyo. aren’t your average family.