Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CL Boots

When Dynafit introduced the TLT line in 1989—the same year Greg Stump released the film License to Thrill—backcountry skiing was far from mainstream. In the subsequent three decades, touring boots have transitioned from niche to commonplace, and the TLT, once again overhauled, has been along for the trip.

“I’m not really sure why people ski beefier boots than this,”
one tester pondered. “The TLT is all you need.”

The TLT8 stands out where the 7 fell flat, sporting a taller cuff, a lower-volume fit and a sturdier design for surprising power from such a lightweight, tourable boot. “I’m not really sure why people ski beefier boots than this,” one tester pondered. “The TLT is all you need.” A Grilamid shell sports Dynafit’s signature Speed Nose toe that moves back the tech fitting for a more natural touring stride, and a fiberglass cuff (versus the Carbonio version’s carbon cuff) takes aim at extra weight savings while still logging a respectably stiff 110 flex. The 60-degree range of motion allows for ample fore/aft mobility even with the new overlapping cuff, which now features a fixed tongue that’s intended to add stiffness and cut down on the transition times posed by the previous TLT models’ removable tongue. The Ultra Lock 4.0—a one-buckle ski/walk transition activated by closing/opening the cuff buckle—is designed to further speed transitions. “The buckles and calf lock are smooth, simple and streamlined,” one tester noted, but warned, “The tongue does limit forward articulation in tour mode, even with the strap and buckles loosened.” Even so, tester scores remained high. Per one, referencing the short boot-sole length, “Be prepared to remount all of your touring skis to get this Speed Nose boot to fit.”

4.9 lbs.
Last Width: 103 mm

Sizes: 22.5-35

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