Fischer Hannibal 106 Skis

A ski good enough to pass even a guide’s level of scrutiny? Fischer seems to have done it with their new Hannibal 106.

“I wasn’t expecting much from these, but whoa!” said one Jackson-based ski guide and tester. “Light, yet incredibly drivable and pretty darn stable in that cruddy, variable stuff.”

That stability comes from titanal reinforce- ments underfoot and carbon stringers running the length of the ski that offer enough rigidity to balance out the ski’s softer side—a gram-conscious paulownia core to keep weight at a minimum for long slogs. This no-brainer option for the guide in the group also appealed to the recreational set, who noted its multipurpose practical- ity and an aggressive amount of rocker that produced floaty results. “This ski is a hard-charging, stiff quiver of one,” one said, while another commented, “With the 106, Fischer found the perfect balance of touring weight and bc utility.” That tester went on to note, “Everything felt smooth and easy, though they’re hardly underpowered.”

Minimal sidecut enables smooth, long-radius turns—“They ski longer than their length implies,” one tester said. Added another, “It effortlessly links long-radius turns at speed.” But, as a third observed, “It’s a widow maker in tight trees; the Hannibal is best suited for aggressive, race-minded skiers.” Still, testers were hard pressed to find the Hannibal’s speed limit, and, per one, “Their soul is revealed the harder they’re pushed.”


6.7 lbs. (178)
Lengths: 171, 178, 185

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