Salomon Shift MNC 13 & Atomic Shift MNC 13 Bindings

“These are the most shreddable touring bindings of all time,”

As with Marker’s Kingpin, the Shift’s backend is comprised of an alpine-like heel, inspired by Salomon and Atomic’s STH platform but with a single heel riser (and no flat tour mode). The intrigue lies in the toe, which deploys pin-equipped wings for tech-binding-style climbing—read: unencumbered strides that don’t require lifting the whole binding. For the descent, lifting a mid-toe lever causes those pins to tuck away, raising jaws like those of an alpine toe and engaging the DIN compliancy of an alpine binding.

The Shift sold so well last year that Atomic and Salomon couldn’t keep it in stock. And, accordingly, they’ve both raised the price by $50 this season. Among our testers seeking a binding that could charge and still skin easily, it was worth it. “These are the most shreddable touring bindings of all time,” one said. “Great feel and tons of elastic travel make this binding rip like an STH 16.” “Provides confidence for a skier who wants a versatile frontside/backside binding,” another noted.

One skier familiar with touring on the Shift mentioned the brakes’ propensity to ice up in wet conditions and disengage when touring, while another found the toe could pack with ice, too. That led to a third tester’s bottom line: “Not really a true bc binding; this is an alpine binding with a great tour mode.”

3.8 lbs.
DIN: 6-13
Brakes: 90, 100, 110, 120
Crampons: N/A

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