Snake-oil or Godsend? A look at different techniques for clearing goggle fog

Fog is undoubtedly better suited for the steam room than the ski hill, yet the pesky principles of thermodynamics mean that fog won’t wait until après. Fortunately, over the years, a number of technologies have evolved to thwart the haze.

Solution sprays: Most modern goggles come with an anti-fog film, but a number of spray options exist on the market and are available at ski shops. And for those on a budget, certain homemade solutions, like diluted baby shampoo or Dawn dishsoap, tend to work fine. Then, of course, there is the old-faithful option—saliva.

Passive technology: Venting incorporates the natural addition of cool air to prevent condensation. Most goggles include porous foam vents above the eyes for heat to escape, and some modern helmets are equipped with vents so as to not push escaping heat right back toward the face. The winner of the 2016 and 2017 Editors’ Choice Award, the Julbo Aerospace, takes the cake for effective de-fogging with this approach.

The Julbo Areospace Super Flow System helps with fog prevention. [Image] Courtesy Julbo

Electronics: The Smith Turbo Fan is a 30-year classic that activates a fan to combat fogging. This year’s Abom seeks to challenge the Turbo Fan with its sleek design and simple functionality.

“Just turn it on, drop in and say goodbye to fog forever,” states Abom on their website.


  1. The best way to protect my face and still have clear, fog-free goggles to use my “NoFogFaceShield”.
    ( } I recommend one of those for anybody who likes to ski or ride when the weather is everything but sunny. I’ve used mine in blower storms, frigid, howling winds, sleet, you name it. Never fogged up and it lets me breathe easily, drink and eat as well as speak clearly. MUCH cheaper than high-tech goggles.

  2. Love the Smith Turbo Fan; Just upgraded to the I/OX (I think it is)

    Had a Prodigy Turbo Fan prior to that.

    I sweat a lot; Fogging is a real issue for me.

    Not so with the Smith. Company has been great to work with as well.

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