2017 Apparel Guide: Timeless and Trending Jackets

It can be hard to keep up with the latest outerwear trends. From fit to functionality, puffies, baselayers and hardshells undergo small design tweaks every year and we are here to help you parse out the gear that best fits your backcountry needs.

For our 2017 Apparel Guide, we focus on the timeless and the trending. These are classics that we know and love, alongside the best in new materials, styles and tech. For our first installment of the Apparel Guide online, we introduce jackets that both bring back memories and break molds.




Ortovox Merino 3L Guardian



While the name Ortovox is most commonly associated with beacons—they began manufacturing them in the early ’80s—the German brand has also been producing wool-centric apparel since the end of that same decade. Now with the Merino Guardian, Ortovox integrates the old school with the new, with this hardshell’s 100-percent merino-wool interior that offers a soft finish without adding bulk or weight. And to keep up with the 21st century, the Guardian hardshell face utilizes a Dermizax membrane to add waterproofing properties without sacrificing breathability.

As the Guardian rolls into its second iteration this season, Ortovox has reworked some of its classic features, creating softer cuffs and additional wool in the collar for a more comfortable feel. The seams are flatter this go-around as well, thanks to improvements in pressing technologies, to increase durability and longevity. Luckily, the details of the jacket remain, like the adjustable, helmet-compatible hood, the two, sizeable front pockets and the pit zips.

Bottom Line: The Guardian borders on fairytale, between the soft merino interior and sealed, waterproof exterior.


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  2. Looks like the MTN Hardwear Mixaction

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