2017 Apparel Guide: Timeless and Trending Baselayers

It can be hard to keep up with the latest outerwear trends. From fit to functionality, puffies, baselayers and hardshells undergo small design tweaks every year and we are here to help you parse out the gear that best fits your backcountry needs.

For our 2017 Apparel Guide, we focus on the timeless and the trending. These are classics that we know and love, alongside the best in new materials, styles and tech. For our next installment of the Apparel Guide online, we introduce baselayers to help you build warmth and comfort from the foundation up.



Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Long Sleeve and Pant

$80 (apiece)


Overheating is not an option for high-octane athletes, and Craft’s new Active Extreme 2.0 series focuses on regulating temperatures and moisture during sweaty activities on the coldest of days.

A cornerstone of Craft’s business is finding fabrics for ideal body temperature regulation—that’s why the Swedish brand’s stuff is so popular among Nordic skiers. And the integration of CoolMax Air—made from a synthetic wicking fiber—is Craft’s solution to transporting sweat away from the body to keeping muscles warm. The Active Extreme 2.0 products’ increased fiber-surface area is designed to hasten the wicking rate as more sweat molecules are moved from inside to out.

A slim profile—which Craft dubs 3D fit—helps the shirt/pant duo create a body-hugging feel akin to a second skin, and a snug collar keeps the top locked under added layers. The shirt is bodymapped with porous panels in the sweatier armpit region for increased airflow, and low-profile seams sit smooth against the skin in both the top and pant to limit unwanted ski irritation.

Bottom Line: The Active Extreme 2.0 series achieves a sleek, “barely there” feel, keeping weight low and performance high.

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