Tech Tip: kid ready bindings and skis

Don't make your kids suffer bad gear. [Photo] Jeff Diener

Kids like to shred good gear, too. [Photo] Jeff Diener

There are endless rockered and lightweight ski options for adults, but what’s on the market for youth rippers? Not much, but a few brands offer small big-mountain skis, and there’s a new youth AT binding available.

Blizzard’s Cochise Jr. (140-160 cm, $325) is designed as a big-mountain stick for conditions from hardpack to powder, with a poplar core, rocker at the tip and tail and camber underfoot. Völkl’s Shiro Jr. (143-163 cm, $369) measures 100 mm underfoot, is built around an ash and poplar core and is fully rockered for powder play. And K2 offers a lineup of rockered youth skis from 70 to 100 mm underfoot.

European brand Hagan offers a full youth touring setup with their lightweight, tip-and-tail rockered Sky Force ski (125-145 cm, $260), matching skin and Z02 junior binding, which features a short frame length and DIN from 2-7 ($389).

While no company makes a kid-specific AT boot, Scott Sports offers the G-Rex telemark boot in small sizes down to 19 mondo ($298). 

 cochise-jrBlizzard Cochise Jr.

Length: 140-160 cm




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  1. About the Z02 bindings, with more than 1650gr, they are even heavy for adults, so for kids, compare to kids weight, it is unbearable for them, the perfect way to get them demotivated,

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