Tester Quick Takes Day Two: Gear Test Week 2018

It’s Gear Test Week 2018, and as the sun blazes down on Powder Mountain, Utah, testers charge through the latest and greatest skis, boots and bindings for this coming season. To get a preview of some of the exciting sticks and kicks for winter 2018, we will be catching up with testers slope-side to hear about their daily gear selects.

On day two we get the scoop on the Black Crows Camox Freebird and the DPS Cassiar 87 with Caitlin Mitchell and Kevin McCarthy.

Tester: Caitlin Mitchell

Caitlin Mitchell soaks in the sun at Gear Test Week. [Photo] Dana Allen

Ski Tested: Black Crows Camox Freebird

Mitchell gets prepped for a run. [Photo] Dana Allen

Caitlin Mitchell lays over the Black Crows Camox Freebird. [Photo] Dana Allen

What she thinks: “Really lays it over. Super fun in all conditions: chunder, powder and slush.”

Tester: Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy dishes on the Cassiar. [Photo] Dana Allen

Ski Tested: DPS Cassiar 87 (178)

McCarthy gets his bindings adjusted. [Photo] Dana Allen

McCarthy gets some air time on the DPS Cassiar 87 [Photo] Dana Allen

What he thinks: “It’s definitely punching above its weight class. It’s strong, it’s stiff, you can flick it around. It would definitely be a good ski for a long day or if you want to ski something spicy. You can feel confident laying it over and overall it’s a blast to ski.”

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