The Re-Gram: Gear Test Week Day 3 social media highlights

Thursday brought sun to Powder Mountain for the third day of Gear Test Week. Wind overnight recirculated the snow to provide free powder refills to all who ventured out. Sunscreen-adorned testers explored more of what this mountain has to offer—from the legendary “Powder Country” to the flanks of James Peak. The new snow filled in the nooks and crannies that had been left exposed by warm weather earlier in the month and so high speed shredding and hucking abounded.

Here are the latest Instagram selects from a day in the sun and snow.


Miles Kochalka sinks his skis into the fresh.



Tester Jakob Schiller from Outside Magazine snaps a shot of the day’s goods.



Testers wait to catch a ride back the the mountain from a Powder Country mission.



Tester Jacob O’Connor takes off in Powder Mountain’s playful terrain.

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