Weston Japow Splitboard

Named after arguably the hottest shred destination of 2019, Weston’s Japow was the highest-rated men’s board of the test, and it thrives in the fabled blower conditions that even dirtbag splitboarders will chase halfway around the world.

“I converted to Shintoism after one lap on the Japow. Then I booked a plane ticket to Hokkaido.”

A 6’1” couloir-hunter called the Japow a “deep-dish destroyer” best for “people who want a swallow that jumps and stomps.” After spending significant time touring on the 159, he mentioned that it feels “a little short” when skinning downhill, as the short tail slides out when it hits ice. Another touring-related gripe: when assembling the split, the rearmost hook is prone to catching the curved inner edge of the swallowtail, which can cause localized delamination. Nitpicking aside, testers who were fortunate enough to test this shape after a 15-inch dump at Powder Mountain, Utah, were hyped, and “surfy” dripped from their pens like the face shots that dripped from their goggles.

While the classic, big-nosed swallowtail shape is ostensibly a powder-specific one, testers raved about the Japow’s turning abilities. “They nailed it on the contact points,” said one typically critical tester, who approved of the “poppy, stiff camber,” and even added, “This board loads up and pops like a scared cat.” “As all-mountain as you can get for a swallowtail,” another freerider added. An all-mountain rider agreed, “So much more versatility than I expected.” Then, he joked, “I converted to Shintoism after one lap on the Japow. Then I booked a plane ticket to Hokkaido.”

7.3 lbs. (159)
Lengths: 154, 159, 164, 169

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