2019 Gear Test Week: An Instagram Retrospective

This year’s Gear Test Week has come to an end, and all 40 testers have hopped into planes, cars and a few dilapidated minivans to head home for the end of the season. At Backcountry Magazine, the work is just beginning for our team of editors who compile tester comments and reviews to create the 2019 Gear Guide, out this fall.

To keep the memories of this past week alive while the comments are collected and numbers are crunched, we look to the Instagram feeds of our testers, who captured the fresh snow, air time and party vibes of 2019 Gear Test Week at Powder Mountain, Utah.

Here are a few favorites.


The group bids farewell to 2019 Gear Test Week.


Testers hit up the Lightning Ridge goods in the Powder Mountain bc.


Costumes and backscratchers were encouraged.


The splitboard crew learned the ways of the beermingo.


Many skis were tested for their backflip capabilities.


Cliffs were hucked.


Splitboarders found the booters.


And testers proved that, whether on one plank or two, pow shredding is the great equalizer and community builder.

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