Gallery: Gear Test Week 2018

A few short weeks ago, more than 40 testers converged on the sunny slopes of Powder Mountain, Utah for Gear Test Week 2018. Along for the ride was photographer Matt Kiedaisch, who documented each day, from the sometimes bleary mornings to raucous nights and the many turns in between.

And for those turns, Powder Mountain offers a perfect combination of diverse terrain both on and off piste, making it possible to test the 200 pairs of skis and 70 boots that showed up this year. Kiedaisch followed a few testers down the groomed slopes off the Hidden Lake Lift and up the skintrack of James Peak in the Powder Mountain bc. Here are a some highlights from the sunny, stoke-fueled week.

Tester Betsy Manero rips skins at the top of James Peak in the Powder Mountain bc. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

Jaime Krakowiak and Betsy Manero go for a sunny skin. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

Fresh turns off James Peak. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

Editor in Chief Tyler Cohen records his daily review notes. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

Technical assistant Darren Padgett dials in a pair of Kingpins. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

Krakowiak makes her ski selection. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

The stoke was high for those young and old all week long. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch

Manero arcs turns through the corn. [Photo] Matt Kiedaisch


  1. Candace Manero says:

    Amazing photography!! Great skiing!

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