Summer Stashes: ST. MARY’S GLACIER

It’s August. You’re fighting the realization that winter is a few months away. You’re probably mountain biking, twiddling your thumbs, questioning if it’s smart to watch a ski movie to gear up for the season. The Xs are already on the calendar counting down the days. But if you’re strong willed and work for it, you can find skiing all year round (without blowing you savings on a ski trip to South America). “While nearly every ski option takes effort in the summer months, it’s that effort that drives the appeal,” says Jason Hummel, who traversed the Cascades in 16 days last June without hitting rock.

Here’s the latest installment of A Diehard’s Guide to Skiing All Year. All summer long we’ll be sharing the next destination to add to your list of summertime snow stashes.


St. Mary's Glacier in the September heat. [Photo] Emerson12

St. Mary’s Glacier in the September heat. [Photo] Emerson12

LOCATION: Arapaho National Forest, Colorado
SNOWFIELD ELEVATION: Around 11,200 ft. depending on snowmelt
WHEN TO SKI: April-August (skiable almost all year)
USER INFO: $5 parking fee at trailhead
MORE INFO: St. Mary’s Glacier &

“You can ski it in August. Conditions are more favorable in June and July obviously but I’ve never seen to without snow. Lets just say if there’s snow on it I can slide down it.” —Bart Gothman, Exit 240 Ski & Bike Rental

If you’re a summer ski lover and think you’ve got a spot worth sharing, send beta and pictures to

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  1. Warren Miterko says:

    The “meat” of the descent is out of view and above the visible toe of the snow field. If it werent for the out of view section, it makes St. Marys look more like a traverse than a run. Hike to the top!

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