The Re-Gram: Gear Test Week Day 3 social media highlights

Thursday brought sun to Powder Mountain for the third day of Gear Test Week. Wind overnight recirculated the snow to provide free powder refills to all who ventured out. Sunscreen-adorned testers explored more of what this mountain has to offer—from the legendary “Powder Country” to the flanks of James Peak. The new snow filled in the […]

Powder Mountain Report: Gear Test Week Day 2

Whiteout conditions transitioned to bluebird skis on Tuesday, day 2 of Gear Test Week. Powder Mountain was blanketed with a fresh coating of white overnight and testers were rearing to hit the slopes at the start of the day. Fat skis were the name of the game with all of the powder that is this […]

2017 Gear Test Profile: Caitlin Mitchell and Her Pretty Turn

As the Backcountry Gear Test rolls on, we’re taking a moment to profile those who make the whole shebang work: our testers. First up is Tester newbie Caitlin Mitchell, a Jackson resident, ripping skier and self-proclaimed expert at folding things. We caught up with Mitchell to talk ski background (including a pivotal fall to the face) and to glean some insights into her time at the test thus far.

The Re-Gram: Gear Test Week Day 1 social media highlights

  With eight inches of snow accumulating over the course of the first day and 11 inches in the recent 48 hour period, the 2017 Gear Test Week at Powder Mountain, Utah started out with a bang. Gear tests are more fun and more productive when the conditions are good, and day 1 saw testers […]

Gear Test Week Arrives at Powder Mountain

POWDER MOUNTAIN, UTAH The 2017 Backcountry Magazine Gear Test Week kicked off yesterday, with over 200 pair of skis arriving to be tested over the next week. More than 50 testers flocked to Powder Mountain to give Backcountry Magazine their blood, sweat and toenails in pursuit of finding the best of next year’s skis and boots. And when the testers […]