2018 Gear Test Preview: Booting Up

As Backcountry Magazine’s 2018 Gear Test draws closer, we’re looking ahead to the latest in skis, boots and bindings that will be showing up at Powder Mountain next week. Each year, to make sure we’re testing the most contemporary gear, we operate under a simple rule: Only first- and second-year skis, boots and bindings, or older models with construction updates, are […]

2018 Gear Test Preview: Five Skis to Stir Up the Lineup

Next week, for the 10th year running, Backcountry Magazine staff and over 50 testers are heading to Powder Mountain, Utah to ride and test the latest in skis, boots and bindings as part of the 2018 Gear Test. And to make sure that we’re testing the most contemporary gear, we operate under a simple rule: Only first- and second-year skis, […]

2017 Backcountry Bindings: A Tech’s Perspective

After a week in the trenches wrenching bindings at Backcountry Magazine’s annual Family Camp (also known as their annual Gear Party…err…Test) at Powder Mountain, I can tell you a few things about which AT bindings were liked and which were not.

Gear Test Week: Photo Review

It is not every year that we are lucky enough to have incredible snow conditions during our Gear Test Week, held annually at Powder Mountain, Utah. This year, the snow gods must have taken pity on us—having to live through the worst winter the East Coast has seen in a long time—and so presented us with powder that gave way to blue skies.

2017 Gear Test Week Recap: Pow, Sun and Stoke

Gear Test Week 2017 came to an end on Saturday, after five days of bell-to-bell skiing for more than 40 testers at Powder Mountain, Utah. The week ran the gamut of conditions, starting on Monday with heavy snowfall that lasted through Wednesday. This provided perfect conditions to test skis with a little bit more girth underfoot. […]

2017 Gear Test Week: Tech Head Craig Dostie

Craig Dostie is one of those personalities that has made the backcountry ski world what it is today. As Founder and Publisher of Couloir Magazine, running from 1990-2007, and current blogger at Earn Your Turns, his vision for ski publications has shaped our understanding of snow ambulation on the up and the down. But this past week at Powder Mountain, Dostie had a different role— head tech in charge of helping testers get fitted for skis from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days in a row.

Powder Mountain Report: Gear Test Week Day 4

A blisteringly bright sun rose on Powder Mountain for the fourth day of Gear Test Week and signaled a great day ahead. As the second to last day of testing, skiers were starting to exhibit the signs of leg fatigue—and maybe a few hangovers—but this did not stop them from rallying next year’s toys on […]

2017 Gear Tester Profile: Gavin Cooper

At the Backcountry Gear Test, our skiers trickle in from all over the country. And with that comes ski preferences as far blown as our testers’ geographical locations. We caught up with Gavin Cooper, a Big Sky, Montana resident—and second-place finisher at the Gear Test Beer Pong Championship—to talk skinny skis, couloirs and what, exactly, […]

The Re-Gram: Gear Test Week Day 3 social media highlights

Thursday brought sun to Powder Mountain for the third day of Gear Test Week. Wind overnight recirculated the snow to provide free powder refills to all who ventured out. Sunscreen-adorned testers explored more of what this mountain has to offer—from the legendary “Powder Country” to the flanks of James Peak. The new snow filled in the […]

Powder Mountain Report: Gear Test Week Day 2

Whiteout conditions transitioned to bluebird skis on Tuesday, day 2 of Gear Test Week. Powder Mountain was blanketed with a fresh coating of white overnight and testers were rearing to hit the slopes at the start of the day. Fat skis were the name of the game with all of the powder that is this […]