Backstory: They Can’t All Be Gems

“I left my wallet in Elko,” Dan’s text message read. “I’m going to listen to the gods on this one and head home.” When Josh and I received the text in early morning, we hadn’t heard from the gods yet, so pushing on from Tahoe for a two-night, first-time exploratory mission to ski chutes in Bishop, Cali. felt right.

Backstory: Tucks Someday

We are a ski family. My wife, Kristin, my son, Grant, and I all love to ski. But my teenaged daughter, Karly, loves skiing more than any of us, and today, she is jonesing to get on the slopes.

Mountain Skills: Why Take Avy Two?

While most backcountry users end their formal avalanche training after Avy One, snow safety requires constant education.

The Offseason: T-Bar Films Gears Up For Winter

“We’re gearing up for what is going to be a big 2015/2016 winter,” Tyler Wilkinson-Ray says in an interview in the October 2015 issue. He’s half the two-brother team behind Vermont-based T-Bar Films, known for producing “United We Ski” and “Vasu Sojitra: Out On A Limb.” While editing their latest film, Tyler shot and produced a short, capturing his motivation, inspiration and outlook for the upcoming winter.

Photo Gallery: Hokkaido’s Heli Debate

In “Hokkaido’s Heli Debate,” Whittaker investigates a brewing issue on Japan’s north island, where backcountry and helicopter skiers are squaring off over the shadowy trees and sunny bowls of Shiribetsu-dake (3,632 ft.). “Can there be enough for everyone?” Whittaker ponders.

Infinite Wisdom: Wisecracks and Wit For Ski Travel

When it comes to ski travel, everybody has an opinion—where to go, when to go, what to pack or how to adhere to international sauna etiquette.