Snow Falls, Smart Probe Launched, Earlyups Releases ‘The Other Hours’


The East Coast sees its first snowfall, new company AvaTech launches probe and technology-sharing platform, avalanche engineer impostors hunt for new roommate in Park City, Utah and Earlyups’ Jeff Brines releases a video edit.

Throwback Thursday: The First BC Ski Mag


On the hunt for some Throwback Thursday fodder, editor Tyler Cohen took a trip down into the depths of Backcountry’s basement. Amid the dust bunnies, the third and fourth editions of le Chronicle du Couloir lay in wait. The issues, each just 15 pages long, represent the early days of backcountry skiing journalism.

T-Bar Films Trailer Release, One Wasatch Map Announced, Beast 16 gets Certified and Early Snow


T-Bar releases “Out on a Limb,” featuring one-legged backcountry skier Vasu Sojitra, Skit Utah releases a map of One Wasatch, the Beast 16 gets its DIN ISO certification and early snow flurries arrive.

Throwback Thursday: The Gear Guide Transformation


Oh how the times have changed. Flipping through archived issues of Backcountry, I stumbled across an atrocious sight in the 2000 Gear Guide. What might have been innovative then now harks back to a simpler time, when Tuas were cutting edge and tele skiers were content to smoke their patchouli (or whatever).

First Turns in Alberta, Pretty Faces and the Marker Kingpin


As rains drenched Canmore, two lucky riders snag first turns up high, Lynsey Dyer and Unicorn Picnic release the highly anticipated official trailer for ‘Pretty Faces’ and Marker announces the Kingpin, the first-ever DIN IOS-certified tech binding.

‘Whatever’ Comes to Crested Butte, AvaTech Announces Partners and Newcomb Runs for Teton Commissioner


Crested Butte, Colo. accepts $500,000 to host Bud Light’s invented town, Whatever, U.S.A., AvaTech Partners with snow enthusiast groups to promote avalanche education and Backcountry Icon Mark Newcomb runs for Teton County Commissioner.

Video: 95 to Infinity


Most skiers can squeeze in turns for five or six months out of the year, seven if they’re lucky. For Andy and Mike Traslin, brothers hailing from British Columbia, things are a little different.

Video: Powderwhore Productions’ Some Thing Else


As Powderwhore Production approaches its 10th birthday, founding brothers Noah and Jonah Howell want to do something special. The film features shots from Hokkaido, Japan, Montana’s Beartooth Mountains and the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska, and the Howell’s promise it will be “a ski movie worthy of our ten years filming the backcountry experience.”

Black Diamond’s CEO Steps Down, Goal Zero Sells and Prentiss Explores the Fourth Genre


Peter Metcalf, longtime CEO of Black Diamond steps aside for former Sony CEO, Goal Zero sells to electricity producer NRG Energy, and Backcountry’s Creative Editor Sean Prentiss explores the fourth genre in his newest book.

Throwback Thursday: The Ever-Evolving Backcountry Boot


As Backcountry’s 2015 Editors’ Choice awards roll out, a trip down AT boot memory lane is in order. Crack open Issue 3, BCM’s first-ever Gear Guide, and you’ll find the typical AT and the performance free-heel boots of 1995….