Kickturns and Kickstarters: The Segal Sisters on their upcoming film

For the November Issue of Backcountry Magazine, we’re highlighting the most influential spouses, siblings, parents and kids in the sport, focusing on more than 30 families who enrich the backcountry community with their love for each other and the outdoors. And this past week, featured sisters Nat and Anna Segal released a Kickstarter to fund their sibling film project, Finding the Line, shot by Bjarne Salen.

Build Skis, Not Bombs: Romp Skis Lands Contract with US Army Special Forces

Romp Skis designs and produces custom boards with a direct-to-consumer model. This method has attracted a growing following over the past few seasons in large part due to Romp’s adaptability to a client’s particular needs. So, when Uncle Sam came a calling, Romp jumped on the opportunity to take on a military contract for the 10th Special Forces Group of the US Army.