2017 Apparel Guide: Timeless and Trending Midlayers

It can be hard to keep up with the latest outerwear trends. From fit to functionality, puffies, baselayers and hardshells undergo small design tweaks every year and we are here to help you parse out the gear that best fits your backcountry needs.

For our 2017 Apparel Guide, we focus on the timeless and the trending. These are classics that we know and love, alongside the best in new materials, styles and tech. For our next installment of the Apparel Guide online, we introduce midlayers, the peanut butter that keeps the layer sandwich together.



Patagonia Nano Air Light Hoody



The Nano Air Light is a new interpretation of the popular, full-zip Nano Air that first hit stores in fall 2014 and blew open the trend in highly breathable synthetic insulation. Sporting 33 percent less insulation and advertised as 75 percent more breathable than its heftier sibling, this half-zip hoody is designed for the high-exertion skier or rider who worries about perspiration ruining a powder day. The face fabric and lining—made from stretch nylon—is soft and flexible, offering unrestricted range of motion for sweaty downhill runs or cold skintrack laps. A trim fit and stretch-woven cuffs keep the Nano secure under outer layers and help prevent snow from working its way into where the sun don’t shine. A left chest pocket provides a convenient place to store a quick snack or phone, and the medium-sized hood, while intended to fit over low-profile helmets, is better suited to snug over a hat or headband to buffer wind and cold.

Bottom Line: A light, versatile layer for the uphill and the down, for hitting the bar or heading into the backcountry. It’s so comfy and light, you might even want to wear it to bed.

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