2017 Photo Annual: Jay Beyer

On a fundamental level, few individuals think both analytically and creatively—left brain, right brain stuff. But photographers are different, their work demanding technical mastery to make art. To celebrate the best in winter imagery, we asked seven photographers to talk about their most-loved shots.

In the second installment, Jay Beyer, hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, talks about searching for a unicorn of a shot and what it’s like when the puzzle pieces come together.


“I took this shot three years ago when I was in Haines filming. This was a spot I had been to in the past, but this ice cave feature had not been there. We saw it when we landed on the glacier where we were camping. It had a tiny transition, and, at first, everyone was like, “Eh. Might be doable,” so we backed off.

“The last day of the trip, Zack Giffin and Carston Oliver wanted to hit it, so we woke up super early and walked over. And what these guys do always blows my mind—Zack was jumping between 60 and 80 feet, and he had to hit a six-foot transition. Zack went first and Carston hit it after him. They both nailed this micro-transition in the middle on nowhere, and it just floored me.”

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