Gear Test Week 2018 Instagram Recap

Gear Test Week 2018 has come to an end, and all 40 testers, 200 skis and 70 boots have made their way back home for the remainder of the season. For the editors at Backcountry Magazine, the work to compile tester comments and reviews for the 2018 Gear Guide is just beginning, but this upcoming issue is fueled by memories of a week of fun, sun and a heck of a lot of shredding at Powder Mountain, Utah.

To capture the festivities, we look to Instagram for a retrospective of last week. Here are a few faves we wanted to share.

Editorial director Adam Howard tests out gear for the up.


Jakob Schiller of Outside Magazine captures tester Alex Paul carving the corn in the Powder Mountain bc.


Editor in Chief Tyler Cohen rips laps on the Romp Skis split monoski.


Good times were had by all.


Some questionable choices were made.


But there was a lot of shredding.


And rocking out occurred daily.

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