2016 Beer Guide: Beer Gear

In the final week of the 2016 Beer Guide review, we are taking a look at some tailgate-worthy gear to keep après ski drinks cold and bubbly. When burying beers in snowbanks isn’t an option, these three selects might set you up for a good session of parking lot bartending.

Child’s Play: Kid’s AT gear is here, but will Daddy kick down?

Parents have been cobbling together kid’s touring rigs for years. A quick and incomplete modern history of kid’s backcountry gear would certainly start with three-pin bindings, cross-country boots and double-camber skis.

Allied Forces: Backcountry alliances form across the U.S., giving skiers and riders a unified voice

The trend of forming backcountry community organizations is one that’s catching on nationwide. From California to Washington, through Colorado and Utah and all the way to Vermont, alliances are taking hold, organizing backcountry users around grassroots advocacy.

Crowdsourced: How Will Social Media Shape Avalanche Forecasting?

It wasn’t long ago when standard protocol for gathering the daily avalanche bulletin meant calling in to a recorded message. Now, there are web-based forecasts, graphic interpretations of hazards and apps to upload observations. And while the daily bulletins will never be reduced to 140 characters on Twitter, avalanche centers are looking to new-age platforms to gather observations and share information.

2016 Beer Guide: West Coast

From backyard brews to big business beers, we have parsed out some of our select beers from across the country for the 2016 Beer Guide. This week we start with the West Coast, a region many associate with wine. But these fermented beverages might give Napa a run for its money.

2016 Beer Guide: Editors’ Choice

Over the next few weeks, we will present our beer standouts by region, but first, we will start with three outlier beers that should be on the bucket list of any libation aficionado.

Leading the Charge: In the AMGA, where are all the women?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction work holds the lowest percentage of female representation among surveyed occupations, comprising roughly nine percent. The second lowest? Ski guiding.

Backstory: The Last Generation of Skiers

One by one, beads of rain race down the window; tear drops reflecting the mood of this gloomy, midwinter day. The final scraps of snow from the last storm cling to the edges of my roof before gravity pulls them to the earth. Individual crystals of snow are swept away by the maddening flow of liquid, while others disintegrate into the soil, lost to the depths of the world. I hunker in my Bend, Oregon home, watching the streets fill with the morning showers. What was once a wintery world washes away like a withering thought. And in all this rain, I dream of powder.

Snow Woes: Will There Always Be Winter?

“The long-term trend is moderating temperatures. Accelerating, moderating temperatures,” says Nick Bond, Washington State’s climatologist and the senior climate science researcher at the University of Washington. “It’s going to be two to four degrees warmer in 2040, on average.”